Truck Types

Truck Types


The most popular type of lorry which has been designed to transport many different types of cargoes. Semi-trailer is equipped with two entries; one in the back and one in the side of the truck.  It speeds up loading/unloading the goods. You can also open semi-trailer from above, simply by removing the cover

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FlatBed Truck

Flatbed trucks are vehicles in which the trailer portion of the truck is a flat body or bed with no sides or roof to the trailer. Trucks of this type are ideal for moving Containers

20 ‘,40’and transportation of goods that need to be unloaded quickly from the sides

There are two classes of flatbed trucks in common use today. One class is known as a rigid flatbed truck. This model is a simple flat body or bed that is mounted on axles and is completely stationary. The sturdy bed is ideal for transporting items such as heavy construction machinery and equipment, as well as building materials like concrete blocks

Articulated flatbed trucks also have the flat bed that is mounted on the series of axles, but these types of trucks are also equipped with mechanisms that make it possible to retract and tilt the bed when and as needed. Generally, an articulated truck is a good option when transporting heavy goods that are best unloaded by easing them off the bed of the trailer

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Refrigerator Truck

Refrigerated trailer Used for the transportation of the most perishable goods with special storage conditions: from +25 0C to -250C

Loading capacity: 12-22t

Useful volume: 60-92 cbm

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Low Bed Truck

It is applied for the transportation of goods of oversized cargoes

Lower Bed Trucks for Transporting Oversized Cargoes have the gargantuan loading capacity of 20 – 40 tones! They are designed for one main purpose only, which is transporting extremely heavy loads at long distances. Type of cargo can be very different, like; containers, oversized products, military equipment, large vehicle parts, and many more. Aside from that, these trucks have at their disposal extreme amount of power

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Car Carrier

Car carrier is type of trailer or semi-trailer designed to efficiently transport passenger vehicles via truck

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t is applied for the transportation of food and non-food liquid products

Loading capacity: 12-20t

Useful volume: 6-40cbm

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