Neighborhood countries

Neighborhood countrie

North: Azerbaijan/Turkmenistan/Armenia

Southeast: Pakistan

East: Afghanistan

West: Iraq

Northwest: Turkey

Transports to / from& via Iran

Being located in such a strategically position in the region, Iran has become an important corridor for cargo transportation.

For transporting cargo in Iran through Bandar Abbas port – from any point in the world the cargo is loaded on a ship and then sailed to Bandar Abbas harbor. Here, the container/cargo is offloaded from the ship and loaded on Lorries and transported to the final destination in Iran or the neighboring countries (including CIS countries)

Iran shares its northern borders with three countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. These borders extend for more than 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi), including nearly 650 kilometers (400 mi) of water along the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. Iran’s western borders are with Turkey in the north and Iraq in the south, terminating at Arvand Rud

The Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman littorals form the entire 1,770 kilometers (1,100 mi) southern border. To the east lie Afghanistan on the north and Pakistan on the south. Active borders of Iran in which costumes house is located is as follow 



The border between Iran and Armenia is only 35km long, with one crossing point in Iran at Norduz


The Azeri border has two recognized crossings: between Astara (Azerbaijan) and Astara (Iran), and Culfa (Azerbaijan) and Jolfa (Iran), the latter leading to the exclave of Nakhchivan


The Iranian border at Lotfabad and Sarakhs


Along the 830km border with Pakistan, the only recognised crossing for foreigners is between Mirjaveh (Iran) and Taftan Pakistan


The border at Dogharon, 20km east of Taybad, is open and straightforward


The border posts at Bashmakh and Parvizkhan– servicing the transportation via Iran to Iraq. Further north, the Haj Omran border near Piranshahr is the gateway to Iraqi Kurdistan and opens fitfully


Main road crossing to/from Turkey is at Gürbulak (Turkey) and Bazargan Iran

There is nowhere to stay on either side and transport can be infrequent. Motorists usually cross at Gürbulak and Bazargan